Reflections on the medium.

Note to self — pushing new comments to the top: I have a "help" button now on this page. What did I do?

I still really want an auto-generated page that just lists out all the pages I've created. I'm fairly certain I've already made a page or two that aren't linked anywhere else, or are linked down one garden path that I can't remember how to click through to get to.

I pulled in Reflections of the medium. — my typoed page and copied it here. So, I think this is the right page now.

Still interested in a change / commit log to retrace my steps, like Google Doc history.

I'm still hesitant to compose in this medium — fed wikis — I like something that allows me more control over retracing my steps and bringing things back that I've changed my mind on. Command Z works, but only so far? Shift + Command + Z works also, but again, only so far. Not across pages?

I wrote a long thing Long, Hard, Stupid and composed it in my Notes app, since that felt easier to pull and move text around in, something I love doing in my writing process. This didn't work nearly as easily to quickly select and drag text around — at least in the way I'm used to.

*Pulled from Reflections of the medium.*

Update after writing all that is below: Learned that this is all null. I misunderstood. Ignore all that is below. Clicking the flag to commit. I now have to retrace my steps multiple times to make sure I did it, and I know I've missed some. Will this become obvious and a habit? Or is this always going to be the constant neural itch — did I click the flag and get all my writing posted? Is there a way to check without following all the garden paths? SUPER meta thought, just realized I hadn't clicked the flag to make this show up. Thinking about how this will work with students ... and I'm writing this while also bouncing back and forth with an email thread with a parent who can't log into an app that shows her child's grades. I've reset her password four times now. I think she would struggle with forks and flags. This reminds me of a site that promotes a certain approach to designing technology: The User Is Drunk . On one hand, I don't think that we need to dumb things down for students, but I also believe that we need to remove barriers for students to get to the real learning experience. Is the payoff of the learning experience worth the productive struggle of learning this platform? A rewired brain seems worth it. I'll be super curious to see how this goes with middle schoolers. Returning to this to say that I find myself now obsessively clicking the flag, not wanting to follow some fresh thread my brain dreams up while wandering away from something written but not forked.