Luke's Learning Journal

October 2018

Things to write about

— 40 students actively learning with no adults around.

Notes / thoughts on Newberg's agile learning space and planning for that.

inquiry based learning — when and how to introduce — Pedaste and Spencer

"gifts appearing in your feed"

the intersection of digital tools — Evernote, Pinboard, notes app — learning in public — hyperbooks and sketchpads

hyperbook as choose your own adventure book — visualizing the content — table of contents — visualization of what is getting accessed — the quest and doing the work to get to the treasures, the obscure — 

Like early bicyclists paved the way (literally — cyclists demanded paved roads, which made early automobile travel easier)

"The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer."

"Consider how your museum could be ‘a bowl’, rather than ‘a box’. A tumble of objects rather than a grid."— Seb Chan on “institutional wabi-sabi”

"you're one of today's lucky ten thousand" + "Err on the side of assuming your audience is smarter than you think and has less information."

Why guided learning is worse than exploratory learning.

Call center cubicles vs. the 5Cs

The Netflix theory of change: small things add up.

Mind of a Chef, cooking metaphors for teaching

Constant novelty effect — my downfall as a teacher — I got good at the wrong thing. + Things I did that worked that I’ve now forgotten or grown tired of. + Good enough is not ok.

Everything changes. Don’t be afraid. Math class example: this is the formula for solving the problem vs. here’s the problem, how do you figure it out? Very practically, what can you do about this as a classroom teacher? Create interesting problems and ask interesting questions. Then give them time to muck about. Dan Meyer is an inspiration here.

What about students who need structure? As Bud Hunt asks: "How do we help to build good structures for people who need structures to help them learn how not to need other people’s structures?”