Federated Wikis

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That image is what I think of when I think of the difference between a Federated Wiki and Wikipedia, or any other form of modern knowledge collection. A fed wiki is all about embedded perspective and meaning, instead of the careful truth, cataloged and cited. Wikipedia is still modern. It’s trying to tell one truth, the truth. 
Federated Wikis allow for intersecting truths and multiple perspectives — a postmodern alternative.

Both of which have a lot to do with my thoughts on education and what I think about how education needs to change, see Innovative Education.

There is something incredibly freeing about wandering in the garden and not being forced to drive an argument forward.

EXPAND THIS SECTION. ABOUT HOW IT CHANGES YOUR BRAIN AND FEELS RIGHT. This is so freeing to know that I don't have to follow a linear narrative.

It's been proposed that Fed Wikis might be able to be a tool for students to document their learning and receive credit for courses. I want to borrow a technique from Steven Johnson's new book, Farsighted, and write a Premortem for Fed Wikis.