Agile Project Management

This post is more of a placeholder than anything — a reminder to myself to learn more about this.

I have a new job title this year: Director of Strategic Partnerships. It's something of a catchall to try to describe the 11 or so random things that I get to be responsible for.

I now think that it should have been Director of Strategic Projects, rather than partnerships.

Some of the work, much of the work, involves partnerships, but all of it involves moving some massive, complex projects forward with multiple stakeholders involved.

Mental health collaboration, a wellness center, an Agile makerspace, title funding, grant writing, long range facilities planning, fiber buildouts and a network revamp, and possibly soon some budget / levy / bond work.

All this to say, I went crazy the other day and bought something .

I know it's a tad ridiculous. I could have just used a real whiteboard. But, there's something about having the physical object and having made the investment in it that I know from past experience will force me to use it out of a feeling of guilt at having spent the money.

So, here we go, I want to learn how to do better project management by trying some Agile techniques.

Where do I go from here. Book recommendations? Video recommendations? @Thompson? (I really wish @ tagging people would work on here somehow). I need to learn how to do this well.

Also: I fully realize that Agile project management is pretty specific and may not apply to all the projects I'm running ... but I know there's a lot there that could help me to get better.