Agile Learning Anecdote

I instagrammed a picture a few weeks ago that captured exactly what I want the library / Agile Learning Lab to be about.

Here's what I said about it: yesterday after school let out, I got a glimpse of what the library should be all about. The space filled with students who stayed as long as I would let them. Some were there to study, some for conversation and relaxing in a comfortable space. But most were there for student-led-learning experiences (Esperanto and robotics!). The big screen was being used for a student to give an interactive presentation to other students who all chose to be there and the whiteboard tables were filled with diagrams of potential robots. And no teachers were leading this amazing learning. Students were deeply engaged all on their own in The 5Cs — critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. And I got to watch. And this made me very, very happy. I am so impressed and so proud of what I saw and want do all that I can to help this kind of joyful, student-led learning continue in the library.