Today, I get to learn Markdown. I'm used to HTML, so I've been using that on here when I want to do formatting. I'm only vaguely familiar with Markdown, but Thompson emailed that Markdown is an easier way to do some of the formatting, like bullet points, that I want to have on this site. *So, I want this to be in italics. How did I do?* **And I want this to be bold.** Did it work? It did! It even did paragraph breaks.

What about double line breaks? No? That's where it drops to a new paragraph ... which is nicer than hitting Command + S. I'm ok wit that.

Pulling up a Markdown basics webpage. What other trouble can I get in with this? Ooh, the first Google hit is Daring Fireball. A great site that I used to follow via RSS back in the glory days of Google Reader ... before they sunsetted that and claimed Google Plus would be even better than Google Reader ... which is now sunsetting also. The vicious circle of tech life.

<h1>This is a header in Markdown</h1> Now why didn't that work? What about a blockqoute? <blockquote> <p>Here is text that should be block quoted.</p> Oh! I know. It did a new box! But the new text box is just a plain text box, not a Markdown box. So ... Fed Wiki doesn't default to what you last used. It defaults to plain text. So ... if I'm typing away. I can't hit save and keep typing in Markdown in the next box down. I have to go down and click plus and select Markdown. :slightlyfrowningface:

Trying again now with a real Markdown box. <h1>This is a header in Markdown</h1> Wait, is that still not working? I thought I would have gotten that right now? What about a blockqoute? <blockquote> <p>Here is text that should be block quoted.</p>

Ah, well, enough Markdown adventurning for me this morning. More again soon.