Task number one today is to do some recapping of my conversation with Thompson from earlier this week. Later, and I should put this on my list of things to write about (and I should make that it's own standalone page), I should go back through my notes from previous sessions and recap those. There's a lot of great content and ideas I want to remember in there.

I'm also writing this using HTML. I think that's because I got frustrated with not being able to do line breaks the way I wanted and continue a thought. But I realize as I'm typing this that doing HTML breaks the drag-and-drop-of-paragraphs functionality that is baked into FedWikis and makes the paragraph-as-object not really work. So I need to stop doing this. I started though because I was anticipating doing our recap using bullet points. And how do you do line breaks and bullet point lists without HTML? Possible? I don't know.

On to my bullet point line break recap, since I have done so much explaining ... let's actually get to it. Without further ado, some recapped thoughts from my last conversation with Thompson. Yes, I threw in some bolding, just because I could. Thanks, HTML.

• Origins of the work — somehow I stumbled into asking about the origin story of Thompson's involvement in Innovate Oregon, and it was a great story to hear that helped put all of this, especially what we're doing in Newberg into context.

• I really would like to type up a more thorough version of this backstory (or "origin story" — I like that better, makes it sound like a super hero situation, which it basically is), and/or fork it from Thompson's FedWiki (are we doing CamelCase for this? or is it "Fed Wiki"? What's the right way to do this?).

• We talked about how to really get good at this thing, we need every day, dedicated, fingers-on-keyboards time. So I committed to doing 5 minutes a day of FedWikiing. And then I promptly didn't do that. So I'm taking my punishment today by doing 15 whole minutes. I have excuses though ... Wednesdays start for me at 7am and don't end until 10pm sometimes (professional learning sessions for HS teachers starts at 7am, rolls into the work day, and then Wednesday night strategic planning meetings go from after school until 7pm, and then my indoor soccer team plays Wednesday night — Wednesdays aren't for the feint of heart, and they are not for FedWiki writing either. I might need to request a one-day-off pass for Wednesdays.) Anyway, here I am, doing my time. 😀 (Let's see how FedWiki handles that emoji)

• We also talked about how all the writing should happen "above the fold" — and here I am typing way, way below the fold. Oops. This is going to be a challenge for me, who suffers from a bad case of the Cartesian mindset, something we also discussed. Instead, I need to learn to let my brain enter into Agile Logic. More on that later, for sure.