Today I am in grant writing mode. I am working on a grant for the "Agile Learning Lab" at Newberg High School. "Agile Learning Lab" is a name I inherited, and so it has been good to spend time reading about Agile learning on Thompson's FedWiki page to get more of a context for what that means.

It turns out, in having many conversations with others about it, that there is a wide variety of ideas and opinions about what it should be.

Some see it as a makerspace. A place with tools for making things, like 3D printers and cardboard and duct tape.

Some see it as a space with the tools of the new economy — digital creation tools.

Some see it as a woodshop, with band saws and power tools. (I don't think I love that last one, since this space is directly adjacent to the library, which still needs to be a relatively quiet space.)

Some see it as a space for young entrepreneurs to get to realize their business ideas.

The space has limits, so it can't be all things for all people. And which people's desires matter most? The students who we want to use the space? The teachers whose practice we want to see change? The donors who have the funds to make the space a reality? My desire, since I will be running the space, at least for now.

Now it's time to sort through all these desires and figure out which pieces of the puzzle are the right fit.