Today, no messing with Markdown. I want to talk poetry. Thompson mentioned poetry the other day when we were on our call, and I've been thinking about how this writing relates to poetry. When I was a language arts teacher, I used to tell students that poetry is really just a concentration of words used well. That seems to relate closely to the idea of "object oriented writing" and "containers of meaning" that is going on here. Each chunk of text should be carefully crafted and freestanding in a non-cartesian way. A poem. Not a haiku or iambic pentameter, but words used well, words carefully crafted.

There seem to be fewer literary elements per line on here, but it is still a condensed version of language, aiming at maximum effect. That works for me as poetry.

I need to work on the connections between the objects though, even in typing this I'm realizing that a few of the objects above should be connected to their own pages as ideas that need expanding. That's how my schema will become virtualized.

I say all this about poetry because I've added FedWikiing to my pre-existing morning routine. Wake up, coffee, read the poem of the day from poets.org that shows up in my email, and then hop on my laptop and start typing here. From poetry to poetry. Coffee and then two experiences with words used well, consuming them and then an attempt at writing them. That's a good morning.

I need to find my handwritten notes I took on Thompson's thoughts on Fed Wiki as poetry. I'll also search my neighborhood to see if he's referenced it and drop that here.

Found this — Poetry of Patterns — and it's the perfect next step on the guided path of this quickly evolving garden.