Starting today off with another adventure in Markdown. I've got *bold* figured out. And **italics**. Oops, no I don't. Got those reversed. Trying again. **bold** and *italics*. There we go. Next up, trying out some fancier Markdown solutions, based on the Markdown documentation that is specific to Fed Wikis. That might work better than what Daring Fireball had.

#I want to make a header Did that work?

###Trying a header again.

#What about this#

##This should be a header right?##

Ok, I'm persistent. Let's switch to HTML to try to make a header happen.

Whoa weird, my HTML title doesn't even show up ... probably because it's a page title.

This is an HTML header
This is plain text.

Why do they look the same?

At least I can do line breaks. We will always have line breaks.

I'm using excessive line breaks just to feel a sense of accomplishment for today.